So, to teach about dyes ends up to teach about beauty, which is a very personal thing. You know, how can you teach beauty? Whatever you think is very beautiful until this age and someone comes up like me and says you have a taste like shit, you know. Hehehe.
When you look at carpets you need to be free. Don’t think of your house, your furniture, your wallpapers, your curtains, your whatever at your home. Do you understand? This is very important. If you really want to learn, you need to do that.
Color and design, number of knots, technic of knots are not important. So what makes quality? Number one, before you check anything, not only carpets, anything that you use, could be your anything, your clothing, your shoes, your car, your house, your everything starts with material. Material comes always first. No matter what it is. Is this clear? It’s very simple. Material, things made of. New, old, antique, it doesn’t make any difference.
After good material, second important thing you check on carpets, is the dyes. It’s not the colors you see on top. What dyes they used, either natural, vegetable, organic dyes, things you know you take from the plants and flowers and the roots and whatever, surely best. Or synthetic dyes, chemical dyes, not good comparing to natural dyes surely.
So, any carpet that has good material and good dyes, we call it is quality. It doesn’t matter where the carpet comes from, it can be turkish, persian, chinese, american, who cares! Good material for functional reasons and good touch and good dyes for the eyes for the beauty. That’s what makes quality. Sometimes to have good material is not enough, you can have the best material in the world with the ugliest colors in the world. So what you do with it! You know, so you have an ugly forever
lasting carpet on your floor.
Colors and design you live together is more important than you think. But unfortunatly majority of the world – i hope you are not one of them – are controlled by the objects. Do you follow, do you know what it means?
- What did you say?
- The majority of the world….
- ohh..are controlled by objects.
- Yes!
The good natural dyes you can leave under the sun for hundreds of years, they don’t fade. You can hose with the water, they don’t run. Another thing with the natural dyes, they get better and better by time. It’s not fading, it’s called aging. Do you understand that? It’s aging. That’s why, for example, between the new ones and the old, antique ones – with the same condition let’s say antique – the price difference is like 10 times 20 times. Do you understand that? Because in the new ones we can make any design i want in a super quality but it’s new. So prize goes by size, by square meter. But antique ones, you don’t measure it. Hehe. Do you follow that?
Nihat, the red one please! The one underneath., there is a couple of red ones there. So don’t forget, junk is not sold as junk. Nowhere in the world. Alright?

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